Thursday, 9 April 2015


Woah! Check us out. Here are 4 tracks from our last-ever set as a power trio, filmed and recorded by the smashing guys behind Super Smash Hit Records in Travelling Man Comics Shop, Manchester last November. We also wrote some verbiage about influences, inspirations and practicalities of playing electronic music live to go along with the videos for Glasswerk here:

The gig itself was another cracker courtesy of the peerless Bad Uncle, and also featured our fine friends Cowtown ripping up everything in sight. Check it:


Is this a good time to remind you that we've got a short tour coming up next week? Because it feels like a good time to remind you that we've got a short tour coming up next week. Details:

15.04.15 | Kazimier Gardens, Liverpool | w/ Monster Killed By Laser & Gurgles
16.04.15 | Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire | w/ Monster Killed By Laser & Gurgles
17.04.15 | The Eagle Inn, Salford | w/ Monster Killed By Laser, Barringtone & Hot Shorts
18.04.15 | "ZOETROPE" launch show @ Chameleon, Nottingham | w/ Galaxians & blunt mountains

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


In a spot of inspired Hello Thor-centric activity, the good people at LeftLion persuaded our good friend James Finlay of the mighty Fists and Grey Hairs to interview our synthmaster-in-chief (and misspell his surname in the byline) t'other day.

If you're a Nottingham local, you can pick up a copy from any number of quality stockists and enjoy the full sensory experience of physical paper and marvelling at the ingenious recycling of fourbeatwalk's beautiful design work from the poster advertising our 'Splish' 12" launch gig in 2013:

Otherwise, you can just read the words on a webpage. Check out Simmo's thoughts on getting old and playing pop music here alongside a 100% true story about the worst gig we've ever played here:

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Hot off the press, enjoy this beautiful video for 'Labour & Love' by luma.launisch. Huge thanks to Astrid for this!

Monday, 16 March 2015


Wahey! It's album release time!

You can now buy our debut album "Zoetrope" from all good record shops in the UK. Or you can get it direct from Hello Thor Records here: 

We've already had some early and very kind reviews:

Louder Than War - "Even in quarter one of 2015, it’s clear that Zoetrope is going to be one of the albums of the year, so If you want some life-affirming, full throttle throbbing synth madness in your life too, you need to get on the Cantaloupe bus ASAP. Trust me, you’d be mad not to."

Colourhorizon - " album that is resolutely life affirming. Zoetrope could well be the party album of 2015."

Monolith Cocktail - "A most enjoyable pop-lit excursion through the kosmiche, taking in the industrial North’s steely resonation from the electric 80s, whilst popping off to take-in the post-rock locations that spawned such interesting, off-kilter explorers as Tortoise, Holy Fuck and Battles, and flirting with Afrobeat vibes."


Thursday, 12 March 2015


Aye up,

If you weren't excited enough by next week's release of our debut album "Zoetrope", you can now stream it exclusively and in full courtesy of the good folk at Gigwise. Just follow this link:

In preparation for this, we've been getting our hair done and generally photographed mucking around in our favourite Sherwood-based grocery, the Thompson Brothers Greengrocers. These shots were taken by the extremely polite and talented Leigh Beard and are copyright him, so please ensure that he's credited if you intend to reproduce them elsewhere.

Finally, you may have noticed that we have a FEAST OF GIGS planned for April, May and June. We're really looking forward to stretching our legs in our new incarnation as a quartet

14.04.15 | The Head Of Steam, Newcastle Upon Tyne w/ Monster Killed By Laser

15.04.15 | Kazimier Garden, Liverpool w/ GurglesMonster Killed By Laser
16.04.15 | Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire w/ Gurgles & Monster Killed By Laser
17.04.15 | The Eagle Inn, Salford w/ Monster Killed By Laser, Barringtone & Hot Shorts
18.04.15 | Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham w/ Galaxians & blunt mountains

08.05.15 | The Hairy Dog, Derby w/ Cheap Jazz & more TBC

09.05.15 | MK Gallery, Milton Keynes w/ Arabrot/John Doran, Chrononautz & Klaar

22.05.15 | Corner House, Cambridge w/ model village & Alnegator
23.05.15 | Star of Kings, London w/ model village & Alnegator
24.05.15 | The Wheatsheaf, Oxford w/ model village & Alnegator

25.06.15 | Unknown venue, Nottingham w/ Elk & The Skipping Forecast
26.06.15 | The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield w/ Elk & The Skipping Forecast
27.06.15 | The Matrix Club, Grimsby w/ ElkThe Skipping Forecast & East On Main

Sunday, 22 February 2015


THIS IS THE NEWS: Our debut full-length album "Zoetrope" will be released by Hello Thor on vinyl and digital download on Monday 16th March. You can pre-order it NOW and get it before it hits shops, as well as an immediate download of Steve Lamacq-approved album opener "Big Kiss", here:

Here's the full press release:

Nottingham-based synth/guitar/drums quartet Cantaloupe release their debut 10 track album Zoetrope on limited edition 12” vinyl and digital download through Hello Thor Records on Monday 16 March 2015.

Hello Thor first fell in love with Cantaloupe and their electronic pop music when they played an exhilarating set for us in a shopping arcade, shut down after 12 minutes by an angry autograph seller. We took our relationship to the next level with the release of their debut single, the 4 track Teapot EP, in 2012, which was picked up by Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music) and Huw Stephens (Radio 1).

In 2013, we got down on one knee and asked them to put out a 12” with us. Sure, the proposal might have come after a wine or two, but once we’d sobered up we realised we still meant it. Phew. The euphoric Krautrock boogie of Splish/Wet Dog did not disappoint, arriving complete with a shimmering remix by Wax Stag and again being trumpeted across the airwaves (“I love that record - it‘s just so happy and joyous” Huw Stephens).

Now, after a year of recording and playing live - including a well-loved set at Liverpool Psych Fest in 2014 – we couldn't be happier to announce the arrival of Zoetrope: a collection of 10 lush, effervescent, endlessly inventive and oddly reflective pop songs, including Cantaloupe’s first non-instrumental tracks (featuring the vocal talents of new band member Eleanor Lee and Tom A.D).

Zoetrope shows off Cantaloupe’s full gamut of swirling sound and emotion - from the groovy hedonism of opener Big Kiss to the swish synthpop of Indigo; from the unyielding hands-in-the-air hardcore of live favourite 0891 50 50 50 to the queasy, introspective, haunting melodicism of Labour and Love. We’re never entirely sure what exactly it is that Cantaloupe do, but we know it makes us feel a bit sexy, like punching the air and GLAD TO BE ALIVE.

For fans of: Stereolab, The Human League, Tortoise, Kraftwerk, Patrick Cowley, Harmonia, Holy Fuck, K. Frimpong, Daft Punk, Giorgio Moroder, S.E. Rogie, Battles, Quack Quack, Air, theme tunes to 70s cop shows, punching the air, chat-lines.

Zoetrope is produced by Peter Fletcher (Escapologists, Seachange, Kagoule, Kogumaza).

Cantaloupe is Aaron Doyle (drums), Eleanor Lee (synth/vocals), John Simson (synths) & David Stockwell (guitars).

1. Big Kiss
2. Ambition
3. Indigo
4. Zoetrope
5. Gustave
6. 0891 50 50 50
7. Clam City
8. Labour & Love
9. Holy Cow!
10. Ian Whitehead

The album comes with free download codes. Buy it here:

Monday, 2 February 2015


Hey there,

We've been delighted by the reaction to 'Labour & Love' (as well as its lovely remixes) in the last week; thanks to everyone who has bought, downloaded and streamed it. We've also enjoyed a healthy amount of radio play with continued support from the BBC's Gideon Coe bolstered by plays from Steve Lamacq and Dean Jackson, as well as The Breakdown in Sheffield. Cheers!

Our minds are currently focussed on sorting out some UK shows in April, May and June to support the release of the album... which reminds me that I need to tell you 'Zoetrope' will be released on Hello Thor Records on 16th March! We have a veritable smorgasbord of gigs coming up and some empty slots to fill on Fridays and Saturdays between these too. Do get in touch if you fancy having us round:

14.04.15 | The Head of Steam, Newcastle
15.04.15 | Kazimier Gardens, Liverpool | w/ Monster Killed By Laser & Gurgles
16.04.15 | Caroline Social Club, Saltaire | w/ Monster Killed By Laser & Gurgles
17.04.15 | The Eagle Inn, Salford | w/ Monster Killed By Laser & Organ Freeman
18.04.15 | Chameleon, Nottingham | w/ Galaxians & Blunt Mountains

22.05.15 | The Corner House, Cambridge | w/ Model Village & Alnegator
23.05.15 | The Star of Kings, London | w/ Model Village & Alnegator
24.05.15 | Venue TBC, Oxford | w/ Model Village & Alnegator

25.06.15 | Venue TBC, Nottingham w/ Elk & The Skipping Forecast 
26.06.15 | The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield w/ Elk & The Skipping Forecast 
27.06.15 | The Matrix, Grimsby | w/ ElkThe Skipping Forecast & East On Main